Saturday, December 10, 2011

Greetings from the NICU (with pictures)!!!

Hello Everybody,

As you can imagine, it has been a crazy and hectic few days, trying to get to Delhi and the babies as quickly as possible!  The twins are at the Newborn Baby Centre in Delhi and are doing well.

This is Benjamin Dulany Brown.  He is doing well and is the more active and vocal big brother (note: he was born two whole minutes before his little sister).  Ben is now 1610 grams and is no longer taking any food by feeding tube.  He is feeding on demand orally.  He is doing amazingly well and getting the best care from Dr. Gupta and his attentive staff.

This is Whitney Anne Brown.  She is our little sleeping beauty.  I know the "experts" say that newborn babies cannot smile, but you may decide for yourselves.  I, personally believe that she can.  She is also gaining weight, but not quite as rapidly as her big brother.  She is currently 1565 grams.  However, like Ben, she is now taking all of her formula orally.

I know that there a several other new parents here also.  Please message me or email me at if you would like to try to get together.

I will post more pictures again very soon!