Monday, November 14, 2011

Still Here...After Being MIA for Sooo Long!!!

Hi Everyone,

Sorry we have been missing in action for sooo long!  I intended to keep everyone updated, but it was so hard emotionally when surromom #1 was having problems that I had to take a break and just bury myself in my work.  Then, once I managed to distract myself that way, I wasn't able to come back and pick up where I left off.  I have occasionally taken a few quick peeks to see how our "friends" out there in surrogacyland are doing.  It has clearly been an exciting time...lots of new babies, etc...

So, when we last posted things were looking bleak for surromom #1!  She did in fact miscarry.  We were very sad about the loss of the twins she was carrying.  In the brief time that she was carrying them, we had already become "attached" (maybe not the best way to express it, but we were very excited about them and, of course, disappointed when we knew that they were gone).

At that point, I had to find distractions because I was obsessively worried about surromom #2.  In fact, during the last few months, she has had several hospital admissions.  During those admissions, I want to mention that Dr. Shivani's staff was fabulous and kept us fully informed about everything.  But it was scary nonetheless!   

I have been counting down the weeks to the point of viability (just in case) and, now, to 37 weeks.

Today, we have reached 30 weeks!  YAY!  So, we are finally starting to breathe.  Even if the babies were born tomorrow (knock on wood - we don't want that to happen), they would probably be fine. They are actually due on January 2, 2012 (i.e. 37 weeks), but we hear many twins decide to make their entrance even earlier than that.

Now, it is time to make plans for our trip to Delhi!  Is anyone planning to spend Christmas in Delhi?


  1. Hooray for 30 weeks!! I'm sorry to hear about the miscarriage and tough times you guys have been through. We will be 30 weeks on this coming friday with one little bubba. I am pretty sure I may have met your husband at Dr S offices when we were there in May. We fly into to Delhi on the 28th December so we will definitely have to meet up.

  2. Wonderful to be at 30 weeks! I am sorry about your loss and everything you are going through. I wish you all the best and you are truly in the best hands.

  3. 30 weeks is great!! You took time to grieve and that is so important. The loss will never leave your heart, but the new bubs will help to heal that pain.

  4. So sorry to hear you have had such a difficult time, but what wonderful news you are now on the 'home stretch' of the pregnancy. We are about a week behind you, so we also plan to be in Delhi at the same time (unless anything happens earlier-hopefully not) Will be great to catch up! B & SJ xx