Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Possible Setback! :(

     Before I write a brief update, I just want to post a quick "Thank You" to all of you who have posted comments.  It is such a delight to read them.  I will start posting comments more (note:  I send lots of mental comments as I read your blogs, but I rarely actually post them.  I will actively start posting them now.).

     Now for the update...I awoke to an email from SCI stating that surromom #1, Miss D, was admitted to the hospital last night for heavy bleeding.  We are first and foremost very concerned about her wellbeing.  She generously signed on to help us in such a major way and our greatest hope was that it would ultimately be a good experience for all concerned.

     Of course, we are also very concerned and saddened because the reason for her hospital admission does not bode well for the pregnancy.  We are struggling not to jump to conclusions, but naturally our assumption is that she has miscarried.  Another ultrasound will be done in about five days.

     We are hoping that "No news is good news!" with respect to Miss J!



  1. It is absolutely correct that no news is no news! ...especially on this journey. We'll keep a light in our heart that all is okay for all!

  2. Thinking happy thoughts for you guys, Miss D and both of those babies!

  3. Ugh, I am sorry to hear this. I am praying all is ok. Please do keep us updated as you can.

  4. Sorry to hear your news, but keep positive. Thinking of you guys during this emotional ride, I know the waiting is so difficult. SJ xx

  5. have everything crossed for you all xx