Friday, May 6, 2011

The Two Week Wait

     Counting down for the next 11 days...  The exciting update is that Dr. Shivani icsi'd 17 eggs.  Fourteen of them fertilized.  After implantation, Dr. Shivani put 6 on ice.  Lots of reasons to be optimistic...

     Ray is very relaxed about it all.  He is completely confident that there will be good news in two weeks.  I am just afraid to get my hopes up and feel disappointed.  My husband worked out the statistics first...going through our chances of conception with one surrogate versus two, then of conceiving twins, twiblings (yep...we are picking up the lingo of the surrogacy, triblings, and quadlings.  LOL!  Then he proceeded to explain to me that in our case, all statistics aside, if we went with one surrogate we wouldn't conceive, but if we went with two...we'll end up with four babies!!!  Frankly, I think that is Ray's wistful thinking!

     So... about 252 hours to go until it is time to obsessively check emails for Dr. Shivani's update!


  1. HI Dawn, I just found you! Hang in there ... Meg x

  2. Hi Meg...Thank You! It was a long 312 hours!!! :)

  3. Just found your blog. The TWW is so long. I don't think there is anything you can do to make it go any faster!