Monday, May 16, 2011

Yay!!! Yippee!!! BFPs!!!

     The last thirteen days have been agonizing!  I mean, I have been counting down the hours (sometimes even the seconds) just waiting for the big news!  Ironically, I was traveling this weekend and did not check email (after all, I wasn't expecting the email until today or tomorrow).  In fact, in two weeks it was the first couple of days that I had not spent hours poring over everyone else's blogs...hanging on every minute detail!

     So, low and behold it was quite a surprise to discover two updates from Dr. Shivani!  It was an even greater surprise to read that both surromoms tested BFP!!!  Yay!!!  Wow!!!

     After sharing the wonderful news, Ray took great delight reminding me that he told me that we absolutely had to go with the second surrogate for insurance.  Specifically, he predicted that with one surromom it wouldn't work, but with two we'd end up with four babies.  Of course, my sisters are joining him in this delight (note: they each have one son and remind me on a daily basis that they need a niece or two - no pressure whatsoever! LOL!).  Together, they have all three instructed me that I am not to buy anything pink or girly for fear of jinxing the chance that one of the babies might be a girl!

     In case it is not readily apparent yet, in addition to having no patience, I overanalyze things.  In this case, surromom #1 (hereinafter "Miss D") had a beta hcg level of 279 on what I counted as day 12 (i.e. 12 days after implantation - but 14 after egg retrieval).  Surromom #2 (hereinafter "Miss J") had a beta hcg level of 600 on what I counter to be day 13 (i.e. 13 days after implantation - but 15 days after retrieval).  So, I looked up beta hcg charts and each of these seemed clearly in the twin range.  Does anyone out there in blog land have any thoughts or opinions on that?

     Yes...I really do know better than to read too much into that first set of numbers!  But is so exciting...whether one, two, three, or four, it worked!  We are actually expecting! 

     Huge thanks to Dr. Shivani for making this a reality!  And to Meg who told me that this truly could work!  And to all the other staff at SCI for their assistance!  And, especially, to Miss D and Miss J, without whom this would not be a possibility!


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  1. Hi. First of all CONGRATS! Fantastic news. Re beta levels, they can - as you probably know - be all over the map. Our singleton started with a beta of 450 12 days after implantation (which was quite high). In any event, you appear to have 2 strong positives and a pretty good chance of at least one surro having multiples!
    GOOD LUCK!!!